So the Palm Springs Art Museum (the place that allowed a work of plagiarism [based on photo 1] to be exhibited and only added ‘tribute to Trevor Brown’ after I phoned in to complain) held its annual Fine Arts Creativity Awards/Exhibit today. It’s a student exhibition where students from the various local high schools and the community college submit their work, with only a few being selected.

I exhibited my ram photograph seen in photo 2 as I felt it dealt with the exhibit’s theme well (“power”). I also carefully wrote an artist’s statement for it. I was awarded a $300 prize for it by the Western Art Council, which I’m quite happy about. It’s all going back towards art making.

Though I must say I was disappointed at what got the top prizes ($1000). Photo 3 is literally just some pipe, a gear, and a wheel with some horsehair. The girl who made it is usually a horrible rip-off of Jackson Pollock (imagine his paintings in neon colors or metallic paint). It also looks like a penis.

Photo four is what got the top prize for the high school division. It just looks like something you would find on some teen’s flickr or deviantart account. It’s really disappointing because the best pieces I saw got ‘honorable mentions’ at most.

Photo five got an ‘honorable mention’ for ‘interpretation of the theme’ and it just makes me laugh.

I probably sound like a complete snob, but what can I say, I just don’t understand the judges of this museum.